Business Process and Data Consolidation

Multiple government organizations rely on long-range radar maintain safety and security of borders, aviation, and maritime operations. It is important to evaluate and ensure that the constructions of large structures such as towers, buildings, and wind turbines do not obstruct or interfere with these radar operations. The management of this important effort proliferated into multiple unlinked Access databases. Worse, the coordination of tens of thousands of aeronautical data items was done entirely through emails. Assessments of radar obstructions, performing radar line-of-sight check, and collaborating with affected organizations were impeded by this loosely integrated application managing massive amounts of data stored redundantly in separate databases.

Codefry was contracted to assist in modernizing this multi-agency application. SharePoint web-based application was developed to centralize dispersed databases to eliminate redundancy and automate coordination. A nightly backend process was created to pull aeronautical obstruction studies into the centralized database, and automatically perform radar line-of-sight checks for technical analysts and engineers to group, categorize, and tag. Analysts used a custom workflow to coordinate the distribution of reports, collect comments from affected parties, and resolve any obstruction issues. By centralizing and consolidating the management of cases, assessments, and all associated documents, the application significantly improved efficiency and operations of the entire process.